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Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Wed Mar 23 22:38:04 CET 2016

* Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah at>:
> In dealing with a problem with disclaimers, I noticed that amavis is
> not really optimized for multi-domain installations.  In the conf
> file I find:
> $mydomain = '';   # a convenient default for other settings
> and
> @local_domains_maps = ( [".$mydomain"] );  # list of all local domains
> While this probably is fine for most installations, we have
> customers who anywhere from one domain to > 1500 domains.  This
> becomes problematic in particular when disclaimers are in use.
> Clearly, I can modify the conf file as necessary, but it'd be great
> if I could have amavis actually pull my domains out of LDAP, for
> example, so I didn't have to hack the conf file at all.  Has there
> been thought on implementing something along these lines?  I.e., a
> generic database mechanism, so LDAP, SQL, etc, can be used for
> pulling in the domain list?

@local_domains_maps serves to identify if a messages recipient is local.
If you configure SQL or LDAP amavis looks up every recipient address in these
backends automatically. If the address is found the recipient is considered
local automatically.

Is there any other use case you would need the domain for?

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