Whitelisting by IP address

Robert Schetterer rs at sys4.de
Wed Mar 9 18:00:39 CET 2016

Am 09.03.2016 um 16:38 schrieb Tom Johnson:
> We have some customers who need to whitelist email for their domain based on the sender's IP address.  
> I don't want to set up custom policy banks for them (we have hundreds of domains, which have different needs and requirements), and I can't add it to a general spamassassin whitelist_from_rcvd setting, since not all customers are going to want that stuff whitelisted.  We use sa_userpref's right now, but it's really slow to switch spamassassin contexts, and for this one use, just doesn't seem worth it.
> The ideal would be to have it work with the standard  wblist feature (we use sql). 
> Are there any plans to add whitelisting by IP address to the regular wblist feature?  Or is this something we're going to have add on our own via a custom hook?
> Thanks-
> Tom

i am not up2date with amavis sql
but in spamassassin something like


username         | preference              | value                  |
| $GLOBAL          | required_hits           | 4.00                   |
| $GLOBAL          | subject_tag             | [SPAM-_HITS_]-         |
| $GLOBAL          | score USER_IN_WHITELIST | -10                    |
| $GLOBAL          | whitelist_from          | *@sonicwall.com

should work

i think in amavis sql exists some equal

but it might be a better idea to use an own build rbl
with latest patches from Patrick


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