Whitelisting by IP address

Tom Johnson tj at terramar.net
Wed Mar 9 16:38:45 CET 2016

We have some customers who need to whitelist email for their domain based on the sender's IP address.  

I don't want to set up custom policy banks for them (we have hundreds of domains, which have different needs and requirements), and I can't add it to a general spamassassin whitelist_from_rcvd setting, since not all customers are going to want that stuff whitelisted.  We use sa_userpref's right now, but it's really slow to switch spamassassin contexts, and for this one use, just doesn't seem worth it.

The ideal would be to have it work with the standard  wblist feature (we use sql). 

Are there any plans to add whitelisting by IP address to the regular wblist feature?  Or is this something we're going to have add on our own via a custom hook?



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