help on bulkmail , offers - amavisd.conf file

@lbutlr kremels at
Thu Mar 3 18:55:12 CET 2016

On Wed Mar 02 2016 22:16:05 Indunil Jayasooriya	<indunil75 at> said:
>   [qr'^(bulkmail|offers|cheapbenefits|earnmoney|foryou)@'i         => 5.0],

> bulkmail at 
> bulkmail at

Yes. This is the section that starts with the comment:


@score_sender_maps = ({

> or any username having word bulkmail , offers 
> *bulkmail* 
> *bulkmail* 

No. The match is anchored (start and @ are the anchors), so 4bulkmail23 at yaho.tld would not match.

> they get Positive 5. (Also case insensitive due to  "@i " ) 


> Subject or body containing words such as bulkmail , offers and so on listed there? 

No, this is only looking at the sender.

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