help on bulkmail , offers - amavisd.conf file

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It will match any of those keywords whether its’ part of the email, subject, body etc..

Take a look here:

Try any of the possibilities you listed and you will get a match.

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Subject: help on bulkmail , offers - amavisd.conf file


I want to study below lines in amavisd.conf file.

   new_RE(  # regexp-type lookup table, just happens to be all soft-blacklist
    [qr'^(bulkmail|offers|cheapbenefits|earnmoney|foryou)@'i         => 5.0],
    [qr'^(greatcasino|investments|lose_weight_today|market\.alert)@'i=> 5.0],
    [qr'^(money2you|MyGreenCard|new\.tld\.registry|opt-out|opt-in)@'i=> 5.0],
    [qr'^(optin|saveonlsmoking2002k|specialoffer|specialoffers)@'i   => 5.0],
    [qr'^(stockalert|stopsnoring|wantsome|workathome|yesitsfree)@'i  => 5.0],
    [qr'^(your_friend|greatoffers)@'i                                => 5.0],
    [qr'^(inkjetplanet|marketopt|MakeMoney)\d*@'i                    => 5.0],

What does it exactly say?

Let's talk about the first line

  [qr'^(bulkmail|offers|cheapbenefits|earnmoney|foryou)@'i         => 5.0],
what are these

are these user names of any domain such as

bulkmail at<mailto:bulkmail at>
bulkmail at<mailto:bulkmail at>

offers at<mailto:offers at>
offers at<mailto:offers at>

or any username having word bulkmail , offers



they get Positive 5. (Also case insensitive due to  "@i " )


Subject or body containing words such as bulkmail , offers and so on listed there?

Hope to hear from you.

cat /etc/motd

Thank you
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