Amavis 2.10.1 dies and is unusable when put under moderate load

Quanah Gibson-Mount quanah at
Mon Jan 25 23:56:24 CET 2016

--On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 8:50 AM +1000 Noel Butler 
<noel.butler at> wrote:

> Yeah, a lot of people here have seem to have no luck, I think I mentioned
> twice about a problem with no answer (gave up asking a third time)
> Maybe amavisd-new is going the same way as mailscanner, ie: abandonware

Yeah, my last email was about getting amavisd officially into a git 
repository somewhere (github maybe?) so that it could perhaps attract some 
more active development, etc.  Ability to review commits would be really 
nice too.



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