Future of amavisd and reporting bugs?

Alex mysqlstudent at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 17:17:51 CET 2016


>> I've been using amavisd-new for years (decades?) and noticed that it's
>> not really maintained any longer. Marc last released a new version in
>> 2014 and the list volume here has slowed to hardly one message per
>> day.
> I guess you haven't read the recent list traffic, where he announced an
> upcoming version?

Yes, I've seen references to 2.10.2 and 2.11, but no real definite
plans or a scheduled release, or a place to track bugs and code.
Please tell me if I'm missing that.

I'm not saying it's time to leave amavis. I've also noticed Marc
posting more frequently. Just wanted to know it's evolving with the
increased support requirements from my users.

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