Spamassassin local rules not accessed?

Vicki Brown vlb at
Thu Feb 4 09:17:37 CET 2016

I thought Spamassassin was supposed to be accessed. However, evidence implies otherwise.
There is no indication that our local rules are ever triggered.

How do I troubleshoot this? Is there a log file that shows what SA config files are used?

My Spamassassin file contains:

  include /usr/local/mail/local_rules

One of the rules in /usr/local/mail/local_rules is

  header CF_MAILING_LISTS         Subject =~ /erlang-questions|protege-user|elixir-talk|phoenix-talk/
  score CF_MAILING_LISTS          -6.0
  describe CF_MAILING_LISTS       Mailing lists

and it's definitely not running. 
Mail with subject [erlang-questions] is being marked as Spam and I want that to stop.

If does not run, where do I put my local rules?

- Vicki

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