ANNOUNCE: amavisd-new-2.11.0 released

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>> I have not seen your previous posts on the subject but wonder if the 
>> user Amavis runs under can actually see that directory and what's in 
>> it. If so, is there a DB file?
>> Are you actually using the DB? If not just turn it off.
> I'm not going into detail since you're not a dev, as this has been 
> covered in detail on the list in the past as Mark knows, by more than 
> just myself, but just FYI to save you looking up archives, its an 
> ongoing mess for a few years now

>I thought this was a mailing list? you explain your issues, the general public offer help if they have experienced the same.
>Your attitude stinks.
>Benedict may not be a dev but who's to say that he hasn't solved this exact issue himself and is holding the secret that you desire?

I've been running Amavis for years, including re installing it several times.

I have seen similar errors. They result ultimately from the file not being there.

Fixes can include just touching the file (touch /path/to/file/filename.db)

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