BANNED_FILES, Quarantine but send notice to original recipient

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Tue May 19 06:53:56 CEST 2015

I still don't have answers to my prior query, so if anyone would respond to it as well, that would be great.

So, I'd like to quarantine banned files, but rather than notifying the sender [usually a bot, or virus etc - and usually with a forged sender address] I'd like to quarantine the file and send a notice to the original recipient. [The one the message was addressed to when we received it.]

I'd also like a quarantine notice to go to the admin email addy, but I can already do that.
I can't find a way to send one to the recipient. Is there a way?

[While not as important as for banned files, I'd like to do the same for virus quarantines.]
(Essentially I'm trying to avoid any possibility that one of our users has/had an inbound message blocked and that the *user* wasn't notified about it.)

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