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Ha, yeah the subject isn't very useful - but it's descriptive. [Sorry! :) ]

I'm new to Amavis - using the packaged version for Ubuntu 12.04.x; which is, I think, 2.3.3 
Generally, I'm using it with mostly default settings for now, except for scoring for SA, and using it in proxy pre-accept mode with postfix. 

[And yes, I know about the warnings about using it in pre-accept mode - but it appears to be an appropriate way for us to use it. Since I want to reject "above-X-threshold" spam before accepting or quarantining it.]

1) Is there a place on the web, where I can search the archives. I suspect my queries are answered somewhere in the archives, but without a search, it's hard to find, eh?! [My google-foo failed me in trying to find a place I could search too.]

2) I'm used to SA changing the subject line and tagging it with [SPAM] or similar. I've set the:
$sa_spam_subject_tag = '[SPAM]';
which appears to be there for this purpose, but amavis doesn't appear to be modifying the subject line.

How can I remedy this? [And before everyone chimes in "It's in the headers" etc - yeah, I know that. But quick visual inspection without the need to setup sorting rules and the like is much easier with mod'ed subject lines. And my users want it that way. ...and reasons.]

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