AMaVIS Spam Headers

Paul R. Ganci ganci at
Tue May 12 07:06:52 CEST 2015

I am running two different mail gateway servers. One is on CentOS 6.6, 
amavisd-new 2.9.1-2, postfix 2.6.6-6 and spamassassin 3.3.1-3 and the 
other is on CentOS 7.1, amavisd-new 2.9.1-5, postfix 2.10.1-6 and 
spamassassin 3.4.1-2. Both setups seem to work as I want except for one 
painful detail. Namely the CentOS 6.6 setup provides spam headers:


but the CentOS 7.1 setup provides headers


I have setup my email system such that there is a two pass scan. The 
internet checks are done at the mail gateways. I need the 
X-Amavisd-Status header to be present on the second pass. The final 
spamassassin check on the Dovecot server uses the score in 
X-Amavisd-Status header and then tacks on any user blacklist or 
whitelist scores and uses that as the final spam score. This system has 
worked wonderfully under CentOS 6.6 but fails miserably under CentOS 7.1.

Unfortunately with the CentOS 7.1 setup the X-Spam-Status header is not 
parsed properly on the second pass spamassassin check. I want to have 
the X-Amavisd-Status header back. It is very useful to see what was 
found on the gateway in its own header as well as have the final 
spamassassin X-Spam-Status with the final score.  I spent all day Sunday 
and a good part of today looking at how I can control the headers from 
amavisd-new but have found nothing useful. Even stranger is the perl did 
not seem different between amavisd code so I don't understand why I am 
getting the X-Spam-Status on CentOS 7.1 and the X-Amavisd-Status on 
CentOS 6.6.

Can somebody please help me get the X-Amavisd-Status header back? The 
must be documentation somewhere on how to fix this issue.

Thank you.

Paul (ganci at

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