Error with

Alex Regan mysqlstudent at
Sat May 2 13:06:50 CEST 2015


>> I have a fedora20 box with amavisd-new-2.9.1, spamassassin, postfix, and
>> perl-NetAddr-IP-4.071 with perl-5.18.4 and receiving the following error
>> (warning?):
>> May  1 16:53:15 mail02 amavisd[27671]: Starting amavisd: Subroutine
>> inet_any2n redefined at ../../blib/lib/NetAddr/IP/
> I would suggest contacting the folks who write NetAddr::IP?

I would have thought so too, but it only just started occurring, and 
NetAddr::IP and amavis hadn't changed in months.

My thinking by posting here was that someone would be familiar with that 
particular version of NetAddr::IP and be able to say they know it works 
with amavis.

I restarted amavis again after a few minutes, and it started 
successfully this time, so not really sure what happened or if it will 
happen again.

Thanks so much for your help. I'll contact the NetAddr::IP folks if it 
happens again.


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