amavisd-new in proxy mode - D_REJECT causing senders to unsubscribe users?

Trent Lloyd trentl at
Wed Mar 25 01:53:41 CET 2015

I don’t think there is much you can do here.  A rejection makes sense for spam messages, a temporary failure does not (they’ll just try again, and you’re almost guaranteed to reject them again).
Even if you failed it post-queue and sent a bounce instead, they’d probably do the same thing.

The only alternative is to silently drop messages, which is worse because then people miss messages and neither the sender nor receiver knows that.

 - Whoever sent the message needs to write better spam compliant messages (they’re going to have that issue with lots of users), or
 - Your users spam score is too low / your system is badly configured.  In any case I would be looking at what rules they hit to see if it was a legitimate hit or if your setup needs tweaking.  We have found a couple of over-zealous rules that we needed to disable in the past.

Trent Lloyd

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> On 25 Mar 2015, at 8:43 am, Tom Johnson <tj at> wrote:
> We're running amavisd-new in the pre-queue proxy mode.
> We had a user receive an email from an email service provider (SendGrid), and that exceeded the user's spam cutoff.
> We're set to D_REJECT spam, but the user reports that SendGrid then disabled the user entirely, because they don't send messages to users that have hard-bounced.
> Has anyone else seen this issue?  I'm surprised by it, and wasn't expecting this - was I just being naive?
> Would it require the use of D_TEMPFAIL in this case? That seems unfriendly, but is that the solution?
> Thanks-
> Tom

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