After migration spam passed that should be killed.

Alan Munday amavis45 at
Sun Mar 1 00:57:02 CET 2015

On 28/02/15 22:08, Alex Regan wrote:
> Hi,
>>> I'm in the process of migrating one of my servers onto new hardware and
>>> I think I've missed something in the configuration file.
>>> The old server was running Fedora 16 with Amavisd-new 2.6.6 - all from
>>> Fedora rpm's. The back-end being SQL.
> I'm interested in knowing what specifically you have stored in SQL? The
> users? Bayes?
> I'd like to consider doing this for scalability. Do you have any docs
> that shows how to do this reliably?

I probably did the conversion to SQL 10, or so, years ago.

Back then I followed the documentation on Mark's amavisd-new site:

But you may find the SQL documents on your system as well:


> I'm using fedora20 and it's also using 2.9.1. I would have thought a
> more recent version like 2.10 would have been used?

For Fedora 21 that is the newest.

I believe 2.10 is slated for Fedora 22.


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