coordinating 2 amavisd/spamassassin scans -- 1 PRE-queue, 1 POST-queue ?

PGNd dev at
Sun Jun 14 03:38:21 CEST 2015

In the config above, with

	$policy_bank{'PREQ'} = {
		sa_siteconfigpath         => '/usr/local/etc/spamassassin/local/prequeue',

verbose init logs show,

	Jun 13 18:12:38 /usr/local/sbin/amavisd[5013]: (!)loading policy bank "PREQ": unknown field "sa_siteconfigpath"

		- add global variables $sa_configpath and $sa_siteconfigpath (undef by
		  default), which are passed to SpamAssassin as options 'rules_filename'
		  and 'site_rules_filename' during its initialization call; this makes
		  it easier to run multiple instances of amavisd, each with a different
		  SpamAssassin configuration, using the same amavisd configurations file
		  by taking advantage of option -i;  suggested by Noah Baker;

points out that

  amavisd(sa_siteconfigpath) ~~ spamassassin(site_rules_filename)

i.e., filename _not_ directory path


	$policy_bank{'PREQ'} = {
-		sa_siteconfigpath         => '/usr/local/etc/spamassassin/local/prequeue',
+		sa_siteconfigpath         => '/usr/local/etc/spamassassin/local/prequeue/',

still returns

	Jun 13 18:20:56 /usr/local/sbin/amavisd[5213]: (!)loading policy bank "PREQ": unknown field "sa_siteconfigpath"

Are sa_configpath/sa_siteconfigpath not usable in PolicyBanks?

		Next we'll prepare each policy and specify there the options which should be different from global options.

		Note that the following policies serve mostly as an example and to provide ideas -- they should not be considered a recommendation. For example:# regular incoming mail, originating from anywhere (usually from outside)

		$policy_bank{'EXT'} = {# just use global settings, no special overrides};

suggests that global variables should be usable in policy banks.

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