Apply policy_bank for valid DKIM senders

Marius Gologan marius.gologan at
Wed Jul 22 19:43:01 CEST 2015



Does anyone know a trick to apply a custom policy_bank for Senders signed
with valid DKIM only?


I want to ensure the whitelisted Senders are not spoofed and set policy
exceptions such as this below only for signed senders:


$policy_bank{'NO_BANNED_ATTACHMENTS'} = {  # those configured to send mail
to port 10027

   bypass_spam_checks_maps                   => [0],  # don't spam-check
this mail

   bypass_virus_checks_maps                     => [0],  # don't virus-check
this mail

   bypass_banned_checks_maps               => [1],  # don't banned-check
this mail

   bypass_header_checks_maps                => [1],  # don't header-check
this mail  



Thank you.



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