Amavisd does not reject spammy emails

Toni Schornböck ts at
Thu Sep 11 17:37:22 CEST 2014

Jussi Hirvi <greenspot at> schrieb am 11. September 2014 um
16:05 +0200:
>My hypothesis is that some amavisd update has introduced new 
>configuration variables, which I have not defined in my configuration, 
>and the default value of some such variable causes this unwanted behavior.
>I tried to go through documentation, but did not find the reason. Has 
>anybody else had the same problem?

My wild guess is to look at final_destiny_byccat (old name) or
final_destiny_maps_by_ccat (new name) or quarantine_method_by_ccat or
spam_quarantine_to_maps in your amavisd.conf and in amavisd itself (for
the default values) and see if CC_SPAM is correctly set to go to
final_spam_destiny. This is a wild guess though because this should be
correctly configured if you did not change it yourself.

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