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Tom Sommer mail at
Thu Oct 30 20:12:15 CET 2014

On 2014-10-30 19:53, Kent Oyer wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> I don't know if amavis supports the PROXY protocol but I kinda doubt
> it. I've solved the problem by putting haproxy in between postfix and
> amavis like this
> --> Postfix (ingress) --> haproxy --> amavisd --> Postfix (egress) -->
> The ingress Postfix server does all the SPF and RBL checks. Then it
> sends the messages to haproxy which divides the load between several
> amavis servers to do the heavy lifting. You should add the IP address
> of the haproxy server to the trusted_networks list in Spamassassin. In
> my case, I'm running haproxy on the same machine as the ingress
> Postfix server. So I have 2 Postfix/haproxy servers and 6 amavisd
> servers followed by 2 Postfix egress servers. It been working great so
> far.

That's how I run it now, but amavisd sees the haproxy IP when it 
connects, and not the IP of the ingress server?

What I'd like is:

--> postfix (in, port 25) --> haproxy --> amavisd --> postfix (in, port 

But amavisd doesnt know what postfix server to return the mail to (I 
have multiple, but want central amavis cluster), because it only sees 
the haproxy IP.

Does that make sense? :)


Tom Sommer

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