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Noel Jones njones at
Tue Oct 21 17:00:02 CEST 2014

On 10/21/2014 9:33 AM, Deeztek Support wrote:
>> For the hairy details of where the short extension comes from, see
>> $map_full_type_to_short_type_re in the amavisd main file.
> I'm trying to figure out where map_full_type_to_short_type_re is
> located. You said the amavisd main file, but I am running Ubuntu so
> I don't have an amavisd.conf file. Besides all that, I assume I can
> always add it to my 50_user file but where do I point it to? Where's
> the regex table that this line refers to? I can't seem to find ANY
> documentation as to exactly how map_full_type_to_short_type_re works
> exactly.
> Thanks

I don't think there's any particular docs on the
$map_full_type_to_short_type_re table.  Basically it's a list of the
long descriptive names given by file(1) mapped to the common 3
character extension.  It shouldn't need any adjustments, so it's not
in a user config file.  But you can look at it for enlightenment.

You can find the $map_full_type_to_short_type_re list in the main
amavisd program. And I mean the amavisd PROGRAM, not a configuration
file.  Probably in /usr/sbin or similar.

  -- Noel Jones

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