banned file types

Deeztek Support support at
Mon Oct 20 20:05:40 CEST 2014

> These questions are already answered in the RELEASE_NOTES and the
> comments in amavisd.conf and amavisd.conf-sample.  See them for more
> details.
>    -- Noel Jones

I've been through the RELEASE_NOTES and the amavisd.conf files and they 
don't seem very clear to me which is why I'm asking. I appreciate the 
explanation so far though. So, if I wanted to ban .xls (ms excel files) 
for instance, how would I add that.

like this?

qr'.\.(xls)$'i => 1

or like this?

qr'^\.(xls)$'i => 1

Is it always best to always use qr'^\. since that's what amavis 
determines no matter what the message says?

Thanks for your patience while I wrap my head around this.

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