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Noel Jones njones at
Mon Oct 20 16:43:12 CEST 2014

On 10/20/2014 9:21 AM, Deeztek Support wrote:
> On 10/16/2014 3:56 PM, Deeztek Support wrote:
>> I'm a little confused by the banned file types in amavis and I'm
>> hoping
>> someone can add some insight:
>> Looking into amavis configuration, I see the following entries.
>> Banned files:
>> qr'.\.(exe|vbs|pif|scr|bat|cmd|com|cpl|rtf)$'i
>> I'm assuming the "i" at the end means ban.

The i means case insensitive.  Simply listing them here means they
are banned.

>> If that's correct,
>> could it
>> be written as?
>> [qr'.\.(exe|vbs|pif|scr|bat|cmd|com|cpl|rtf)$'=> 1]
>> and have the same effect?

It would if you also added the i flag.

>> Additionally, the following entry:
>> [ qr'^\.(zip|rar|arc|arj|zoo)$'=> 0 ]
>> I'm assuming that means allow

Yes, the 0 means allow.

>> Now, what does qr'^\. mean 

These are file types as determined by the file(1) command.  This is
supplied by amavisd and will always be lower-case.

>> as opposed to qr'.\.

This is the attachment name supplied in the message.  This may be
mixed case, and/or the file extension may not accurately reflect the
file type.

> Anyone? 

These questions are already answered in the RELEASE_NOTES and the
comments in amavisd.conf and amavisd.conf-sample.  See them for more

  -- Noel Jones

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