Using Amavis as a front-end for Exchange

Tom Kinghorn thomas.kinghorn at
Sat Jul 26 13:21:24 CEST 2014

On 2014/07/25, 8:56 PM, Noel Jones wrote:
> You might try setting the amavisd log level to 3 to see the SA tests 
> and timing in your log. Also consider adding clamav with the excellent 
> add-on spam signatures from sanesecurity. I've found the "low risk" 
> signatures to be safe and effective. -- Noel 
> Jones 
I would agree with Noel.

With some custom signatures which i have created, using ClamAV with the 
SaneSecurity signatures etc, added an additional 4.3 million checks

$ sudo grep reloaded /var/log/clamd

Sat Jul 26 12:08:52 2014 -> Database correctly reloaded (4300564 signatures)


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