Inconsistent handling of cryted message bodies

Carsten Wolff via amavis-users amavis-users at
Sat Sep 7 16:59:55 CEST 2013


On Friday 06 September 2013 23:21:04 Patrick Ben Koetter via amavis-users 
> As a result to the ongoing debate about NSA, Prism etc. the number of
> notifictations we get for "undecipherable" mails we get is rising. People
> are starting to use PGP more often.

Really? Interesting :-)

> amavis classifies PGP encrypted message bodies as undecipherable, but lets
> S/MIME crypted message bodies pass without any note.

Hum. I'm not sure, I made the same observation. I'll have to test this again.

> That's annoying, because I keep getting all those notifications about
> totally legitimate mail.
> I'd expect consistent behaviour - no matter which - for each methods that
> crypt a message body.

I would, too.

> Personally I'd want to have a contents_category of its own for all
> "encrypted" mail, be it PGP, S/MIME or any other technology that creates
> crypted the message bodies.
> @Marc: Do you think you can add such or have S/MIME treated just like PGP
> mail?

May I jump in with the following reference[1], hoping for the unexpected event 
of the first answer to my RFC patch? :-) I would love to have it (or a similar 
solution) in a released amavis.



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