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>Hi Benedict,
>I have been using the default methods (on the default page on github that's local:xyz ?) there's plenty of spam going into the local directory of /var/virusmails. I didn't want to use sql quarantine with blob as the mysql server is >fairly loaded with 1000+ computers connected! (upgrades are in the pipeline)
>I've defined a $notify_method = smtp:[127... as defined in the default config file. After running a postfix flush this appears to have cleared the entire queue bar a few that have no real domain name and one or two which still >have the same error quar+notif failed no protocol name 0. So there must be another setting I need to define somewhere. 
>I'll implement your suggestions and define everything. 

The defaults work, as long as you have a valid place to put spam emails that Amavisd can write to, so check the value of $MYHOME
and the it is owned by the user and group Amavisd runs under.

>Many thanks for you help by the way, i'm fairly new to amavis as you can see! 

Everyone is new sometime... 

Kindest regards,

Benedict White

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