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>Hi Benedict,
>I've checked my spam destination settings and grep output, without comments is as follows:
>[root at spam log]# grep --ignore-case quarantine /etc/amavisd.conf | grep -v '#'
>$QUARANTINEDIR = "/var/virusmails";
 >$bad_header_quarantine_method = D_DISCARD;
>    "-a s --timeout=60 --temp=$TEMPBASE -y $QUARANTINEDIR ".  <<< (this is under virus scanners)
>I haven't specified any of the other options for bad header quarantine method, etc. 
>Should I defined these explicitly? 

You don't appear to have a $spam_quarantine_method or indeed any quarantine methods.

If I : grep quarantine_method amavisd.conf | grep -v '#'

I get:

$virus_quarantine_method        = 'sql:';
$spam_quarantine_method         = 'sql:';
$bad_header_quarantine_method   = 'sql:';

You do need something for those as far as I'm aware, you need something there, though there are default values, 
they rely on using the home directory (for example $MYHOME = '/var/spool/amavis'). The QUARANTINEDIR seems to
be for virus emails only. 

Kindest regards,

Benedict White

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