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>Hi Benedict,
>I've upped the verbosity to 5, wow that's quite a bit of logging ;) From the 2-3 messages that are going through it appears to be scanning ok, classifying it as spam due to bad headers but when it comes to quarantining it fails with >the message no recognized protocol name. Are there any quarantine options that I may be able to tweak here?
A grep quarantine amavisd.conf will return all lines with quarantine in it, so that we can confirm where the quarantine is for spam. 
For example my spam quarantine line looks like:

$spam_quarantine_method         = 'sql:';

Yours should be a valid quarantine, and if it's sql you should have a DSN for it, I use the same as lookup_dsn so mine looks like:

@lookup_sql_dsn = ( ['DBI:mysql:Amavisd:localhost', 'DBUSer', 'DBPassword] );
@storage_sql_dsn = @lookup_sql_dsn;

>I can append some log output if need be.

Hopefully the problem will get fixed without it.... 

Kindest regards,

Benedict White

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