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Hi Benedict,

I've upped the verbosity to 5, wow that's quite a bit of logging ;)
>From the 2-3 messages that are going through it appears to be scanning ok, classifying it as spam due to bad headers but when it comes to quarantining it fails with the message no recognized protocol name. Are there any quarantine options that I may be able to tweak here?

I can append some log output if need be.

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>Hi Benedict,
>Ok will try a clean conf file. Yes there's loads of mail getting through. It's proceed 10k+ messages with the same conf file since the server was built about 2 weeks ago. There's only a few stragglers left in the mail queue. If I do a >mailq command it comes back with around 600 messages. It would strike me as odd that the vast majority of messages are being passed no problem at all. This would lead me to suspect something further than the conf file. I've >checked the content of a few of the messages that have not been passed and I can't see anything untoward within them (most of the are spam anyway, but it would concern me that if a spam message is blocked then a real one >could also)
>Many thanks for your assistance however I think we need a debugger put in place :)

You could run amavisd with logging set to 5... (generates about 3-400 lines an email) which would be definitive if you didn't have so many in the queue.

However it seems to me that if most messages are getting past there must be something about these that is causing the failure, perhaps the from or to addresses?

Kind regards

Benedict White

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