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Fri Oct 25 09:17:44 CEST 2013

Hi there,

Im running a postfixy system with amavisd and Maia for spam filtering.
I have a lot of problems when I have emails with a big size. For example,
this night I had 5 emails of 24 MB more or less of size, = 125 MB in postfix
queue. When I have these emails, the system goes lazy, with a load between
10 and 20 and a lot of amavis proceeses.

$sa_mail_body_size_limit = 256*1024; # don't waste time on SA if mail is

I have this set, but, despite this I see in logs that amavis is extracting
of these emails, for example,

(10854-01) Extracting mime components
(10854-01) Issued a new file name: p001
(10854-01) Issued a new file name: p002
(10854-01) Issued a new file name: p003
(10854-01) mime_decode_preamble: 4 lines

after that, a lot of lines

Charging 32835 bytes to remaining quota 285443897 (out of 314572800, (9%))
- by do_unzip

I wonder if there is any way to avoid this type of scanning, or save memory
something like that. I read about place amavis tmp dir on a RAM disk, but
Im not pretty
sure if I would gain anything.

Any suggestion?

Thank you all...

Antonio Gutiérrez Mayoral <agutierr at>
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