The question regarding scanning contents of zipped attachment.

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Fri Nov 8 09:05:14 CET 2013

Hello Amavis experts,

I am facing one weird issue. I don't know if it is bug or just the way
Amavis works.
Tested it with 2.8.0 and 2.6.4 on CentOS 6 and 4.

1. Created a folder with name test.exe.
2. Put some files into the test.exe.
3. Copied test.exe into another folder named test_folder.
4. Zipped test_folder and attached it to an email.

The result is amavis blocked it with an error 'Blocked BANNED (test.exe)'
in logs.
I know that test.exe is a folder within zipped attachment.
I read the documentation but couldn't find any explanation for this
Does amavis check the names of folders also which are in zipped attachment
aginst banned_filename_re.
I would like to know if there is a way to exclude directory names from

Thanks for your precious time,
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