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Sat May 4 10:58:25 CEST 2013

On 4 May 2013 05:15, "Patrick Joy" <paddy at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have just configured amavis-new (2.5.3) and spamassassin (3.2.5) and
integrated with postfix (2.5.1). I have linked amavis to mysql also.
> Everything seems to working fine, spam headers are being added and some
mail is going the the quarantine however I would appreciate it anyone could
answer the following questions about the behaviour of the quarantine.
> I have the following settings:
> $sa_spam_subject_tag = '***SPAM*** ';
> $sa_tag_level_deflt  = -9999;  # add spam info headers if at, or above
that level
> $sa_tag2_level_deflt = 8; # add 'spam detected' headers at that level
Email will have ***SPAM*** added to the subject..

> $sa_kill_level_deflt = 10; # triggers spam evasive actions
Email will quarantine..

> $sa_dsn_cutoff_level = 15;   # spam level beyond which a DSN is not sent

Email will be discarded. Sender will not be notified.  See
$final_spam_destiny       = D_DISCARD;

> $final_virus_destiny      = D_DISCARD;  # (data not lost, see virus
> $final_banned_destiny     = D_BOUNCE;   # D_REJECT when front-end MTA
> $final_spam_destiny       = D_DISCARD;
> $final_bad_header_destiny = D_PASS;     # False-positive prone (for spam)
> 1) Does this mean that anything with a score over 8 will go the
> 2) What happens emails with a score over 10? Do they get discarded or do
they go to the quarantine?
> 3) What happens emails with a score over 15? Do they get discarded or do
they go to the quarantine?
> My aim is to have nothing discarded, I would like all suspected emails to
go to the quarantine and have users decide before whether they get
discarded or not. Do I have the correct settings for that?
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