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Thu Jun 20 21:15:06 CEST 2013


I have AmavisD with the following software running on Gentoo Linux (Kernel
Version 3.8.13):

   1. Postfix (Version 2.10.)
   2. SpamAssassin (Version 3.3.2-r1)
   3. ClamAV (Version 0.97.7)
   4. DCC (Version 1.3.140-r1)
   5. Razor (Version 2.85-r1)

There are perhaps quite a few other packages I have installed; I just know
these are the major ones I have installed.

Anyway, everything works but quite frankly my users still get a
significant amount of spam coming through (no viruses whatsoever, so the
ClamAV aspect works great.)

The core problem is that, from what I see from the logs the score for the
spam messages gets rated lower than zero so the system is learning these
messages as ham and as such the filter becomes less effective as time goes

Now, the current install isn't completely ineffective; it catches a great
deal of spam messages but my question stems from asking what can I do to
greatly increase the accuracy.

Is there a guide somewhere on improving detection of spam with AmavisD? I
couldn't find such a guide. Much of the items mentioned for improving
SpamAssassin was within the "" file but I know AmavisD ignores that
(from what I read). I also know I can lower the tag/tag2/etc. numbers but
then valid mail gets caught.

Any help in this area would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Christopher Koeber
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