how to patch amavis to get SCORE with leading zeros? (Did I find a bug?)

Andy Spiegl amavis.andy at
Thu Jun 20 16:25:20 CEST 2013

> Unfortunately since Debian wheezy (amavisd-new 1:2.7.1-2) I can't
> figure out how to do it anymore.  I tried the following:
>  13796c13796
>  <         {  $1 eq 'SCORE'     ? (0+sprintf("%.3f",$spam_level))
>  ---
>  >         {  $1 eq 'SCORE'     ? (0+sprintf("%06.2f",$spam_level))

Oops, I was blind!  I forgot to remove the '0+' which undoes the usage
of sprintf.  Uhm, why is it there anyway?  My first thought was to
avoid an "Use of uninitialized value $spam_level" in case $spam_level
wasn't set yet but that can't be it as sprintf would complain about the
uninitialized value, too.

So, to put it differently, what is the difference between:
     {  $1 eq 'SCORE'     ? (0+sprintf("%.3f",$spam_level))
     {  $1 eq 'SCORE'     ? ($spam_level)

Anyway, the correct and best(tm) behaviour results with this line:
     {  $1 eq 'SCORE'     ? (sprintf("%06.2f",$spam_level))

Once again, I'd like to raise a feature request for this patch!

Have a nice day,

 Never say 'OOPS!'  Always say 'Ah, Interesting!'

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