Missing attribute from Amavis LDAP schema for LDAP disclaimer support

Quanah Gibson-Mount quanah at zimbra.com
Sat Jun 15 00:04:55 CEST 2013

Hi Mark,

I was reading through the release notes, and it appears you did attempt to 
get the dynamic altermime fix into Amavis.  However, it appears incomplete.

>From the release notes:


- added LDAP attribute amavisDisclaimerOptions, along with its corresponding
  SQL field 'disclaimer_options'. It finds its way to the list of lookup
  tables @disclaimer_options_bysender_maps, so the replacement of the
  _OPTIONS_ placeholder in @altermime_args_disclaimer could be made dynamic;
  suggested by Quanah Gibson-Mount;

However, there is no such attribute in the Amavis LDAP schema.  Is this 
because there is more work remaining, or is it expected the feature should 
work as long as the attribute actually exists?

It is only referenced in amavisd:

  @ldap_attrs = qw(amavisLocal amavisMessageSizeLimit
    amavisVirusLover amavisSpamLover amavisUncheckedLover
    amavisBannedFilesLover amavisBadHeaderLover
    amavisBypassVirusChecks amavisBypassSpamChecks
    amavisBypassBannedChecks amavisBypassHeaderChecks
    amavisSpamTagLevel amavisSpamTag2Level amavisSpamKillLevel
    amavisSpamDsnCutoffLevel amavisSpamQuarantineCutoffLevel
    amavisSpamSubjectTag amavisSpamSubjectTag2 amavisSpamModifiesSubj
    amavisVirusQuarantineTo amavisSpamQuarantineTo amavisBannedQuarantineTo
    amavisUncheckedQuarantineTo amavisBadHeaderQuarantineTo
    amavisCleanQuarantineTo amavisArchiveQuarantineTo
    amavisAddrExtensionVirus amavisAddrExtensionSpam
    amavisAddrExtensionBanned amavisAddrExtensionBadHeader
    amavisWarnVirusRecip amavisWarnBannedRecip amavisWarnBadHeaderRecip
    amavisVirusAdmin amavisNewVirusAdmin amavisSpamAdmin
    amavisBannedAdmin amavisBadHeaderAdmin
    amavisBannedRuleNames amavisDisclaimerOptions
    amavisForwardMethod amavisSaUserConf amavisSaUserName
    amavisBlacklistSender amavisWhitelistSender

$lf->('amavisDisclaimerOptions',  'S-'));



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