Storing the Recipient Address in the "msgs" table in SQL

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Thanks so much! This works great.


Christopher Kurtis Koeber

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Recipients are stored in the "msgrcpt" table. If a message has more than one
recipient, you will find just one record in the 'msgs' table but there will
be multiple records in 'msgrcpt', one for each recipient. The column you are
looking for is the 'rid' column. This contains the recipient id which you
need to join with the 'maddr' table to find the actual email address.

SELECT msgrcpt.*, FROM msgrcpt INNER JOIN maddr ON msgrcpt.rid =;


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Subject: Storing the Recipient Address in the "msgs" table in SQL


I have a rather simple question that I couldn't find in the documentation.

Is there a way (setting, etc.) to store the recipient address in the "msgs"
table for the received messages? I am hoping I can simply add an additional
column to store this information.

I got the SQL database working 100% (rather easy so thanks to all for good
documentation) but I found that it is father hard to track who has received
the messages in the "msgs" table.

Thank you for your time.

Christopher Koeber

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