Bypass banned content check from localhost , and bypass incoming badh problem

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Mon Jan 28 08:21:49 CET 2013

* weber at <weber at>:
> >You have a Postfix smtpd server listening on 10026 AND you tell amavis to
> >listen on 10026 too? I doubt this will work. Did you tell amavis to bind to
> >port 10026?
> No, not all. I have :
> /etc/amavisd.conf =
> $inet_socket_port = 10024;

That's part of your problem.

By default all traffic, regardless where it comes from (external, internal)
and goes to (external, internal) is handled by the same amavis filtering policy.

You want to treat some senders different. ATM you want to identify them by
their sender address (which is not a good method, because it can be faked
easily. But that's something we may address later).

So you need to create a special context within that amavis will apply
different filtering rules.

The way to create special contexts in amavis is to define policy_banks. Within
a policy bank you may apply special, non-default settings; default settings
from amavis default context will remain unchanged.

You've created a policy_bank and called it ORIGINATING.

Then you told amavis to route all traffic, that enters amavis on port 10026 to
its ORIGINATING policy bank.

So far so good. So what is missing at the moment?

You haven't told amavis yet to _listen_ on port 10026. A configuration that
tells amavis to listen on 10024 AND 10026 goes like this:

$inet_socket_port = [10024,10026];

Use 'lsof -Pni | grep amavis' after you reloaded amavis to verify it listens
on both ports.

Once you have this set up, amavis will be ready to apply different filtering

Now if you use Postfix to feed amavis with messages, you need to tell Postfix
to route messages for specific senders to port 10026. This link should explain
how to do it:

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