amavis database migration

Jo Rhett jrhett at
Wed Jan 16 02:50:44 CET 2013

I'm migrating amavisd to a new server. This is the easy part, and I'm mostly done.

The problematic point is that I'm switching from the database format used by the squirrelmail amavisd-milter plugin to the stock database layout. And honestly, I'm pretty seriously trying to decide what things I am going to bother bringing over to the new system at all. Besides having to translate the whitelist and blacklist and personal scores for everyone, I am tempted to leave everything else alone and let the data rebuild. This does endanger some e-mail that would have inserted in the DB on outbound for easier return, but other than that I'm kindof unsure what else needs to be grabbed.

Opinions on this?

... yes yes I wrote this before I sat down to look carefully at the db structures. I'm mostly wondering what if anything people found "essential" in a DB migration.

Jo Rhett
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