Ask for block .jpeg.exe include in .zip extension.

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Dear Mr.Benedict
CC: Amavisd ML.
>	Thank you for your feedback , In my system also enable for banned file checked.
>	Sure I have enable for unzip in below configure,
>$banned_filename_re = new_RE(
>	####Add new , Block *.jpeg.exe 
>qr'.\.( cpl|jpeg|)\.exe$'i,   # block exe double extension
>@decoders = (
>	 ['zip',  \&do_unzip], 
>But after test email with "" in maillog show could send to mailbox normally.

If the filename was like somefile.jpeg.exe it should have been blocked anyway by default banned
File name for having a .exe final extension.  The file you have however is of the form
Which is a different file. If it is actually a zip file it should get unzipped and checked for an exe assuming you
Have an unzipper. (Check what Amavisd reports as it starts up).

I have left the banned_file checks as default (other than actually turning them on) and it works fine.

Kind regards

Benedict White

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