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Fri Aug 16 16:38:01 CEST 2013

Hi, I'm having a problem getting the white.lst and black.lst 
functionality to work in amavis. Here's the pertinent lines in my 
50-user config:


My white.lst file consist of domains and/or emails one per line like 

whitelisted at somedomain.tld

My black.lst file consists of domains and or emails as follows:

someoone at someotherdomain.tld

However, it seems as if the black.lst seems to only be working. If I add 
a domain and or email address on the white.lst file and I send a GTUBE 
email from that e-mail address I get the following in my logs:

smtp amavis[4464]: (04464-01) Blocked SPAM, [] 
[] <whitelisted at somedomain.tld> -> <someone at mydomain.tld>, 
quarantine: 0/spam-0olD5dB4b-w7.gz, Message-ID: 
<D9FD635A6BEBFE4EB32EE4D74C8D0C80D89DA35A9A at EXCH.grubb.local>, mail_id: 
0olD5dB4b-w7, Hits: 996.501, size: 1047, 3613 ms

I would appreciate some help on this.



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