How do I release an email from SQL quarantine?

Steve Scotter amavis-users at
Tue Aug 6 22:10:40 CEST 2013


# amavisd-release
Not enough arguments

amavisd-release version 2
Usage:  $ amavisd-release mail_file [secret_id [alt_recip1 alt_recip2 ...]]
  or to read request lines from stdin:  $ amavisd-release -


You need to specifiy the mail id and the secrit id (if auth_required_release is set to one in your amavisd policy, which it appears to be).


# amavisd-release 9aWgrIHlPPNR xBO71beqkObS
(where 9aWgrIHlPPNR is a mail id and xBO71beqkObS is the messages secret id)



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Subject: How do I release an email from SQL quarantine? (06-Aug-2013 16:12)
From:    Benedict White <Benedict.White at>
To:      amavis-users at

> I seem to be having some trouble releasing an email from SQL quarantine.
> I have a MariaDB database (MySQl compatable) set up with the schema set 
> from the 
> README.sql_mysql.
> I deliberately sent an email with an executable and it appears in the 
> quarantine with a 
> secret id of 6JCQ58hpsQub in the database.
> amavisd-release 6JCQ58hpsQub 
> Gives the following error at the command line:
> 450 4.5.0 Failure: Secret_id is required, but missing at (eval 99) line 275,
>  <GEN10> line 4.
> And the following in the log file:
> Aug  6 16:10:09 mailcleaner-test amavis[6573]: loaded policy bank "AM.PDP"
> Aug  6 16:10:09 mailcleaner-test amavis[6573]: (!!)policy_server FAILED: 
> Secret_id is required, but missing at (eval 99) line 275, <GEN10> line 4.
> Aug  6 16:10:09 mailcleaner-test amavis[6573]: size: 0, TIMING [total 2 ms] 
> - got data: 0 (0%)0, mkdir tempdir: 1 (62%)62, rmdir: 0 (22%)84, rundown: 0 
> (16%)100
> Clearly I have failed to understand something simple, the question is what 
> is it?
> Kindest regards,
> Benedict White
> To: amavis-users at

To: Benedict.White at
    amavis-users at

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