bypass amavisd after OK from policy daemon?

Franz Schwartau franz at
Tue Aug 6 08:09:29 CEST 2013

Hi Noel,

thanks for your answer.

On 05.08.2013 18:31, Noel Jones wrote:
> On 8/5/2013 10:42 AM, Franz Schwartau wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I configured postfix to use amavisd as a SMTP proxy (smtpd_proxy_filter). Now I'd like to skip amavisd if a policy daemon called in smtpd_recipient_restrictions returns OK.
>> Has anyone any idea how to accomplish this?
>> As far as I unterstood postfix' restrictions there is no "final" OK skipping any further checks.
> The insurmountable problem is that amavisd is called before the
> policy server is ever run.
> Any bypass will need to be in amavisd itself.
> The built-in bypass mechanisms in amavisd-new are the various
> bypass* and *lovers parameters. If they can't do what you want,
> custom code will be needed.

I'm aware of the fact that amavisd is run before the policy daemon if
configured as a smtpd_proxy_filter. This is why I asked "Is there any
way to flag anything so amavisd skips it's checks?"

The only way I found so far is to set an extra header in postfix via
PREPEND. This extra header can be evaluted by spamassassin setting a
very low score. Unfortunatly this doesn't cover virus or bad header checks.

amavisd's bypass and lovers maps are for recipients, only.

Any idea how amavisd can be configured to skip checks if an extra header
is set?

	Best regards

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