read_hash use

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Thu Sep 6 18:01:30 CEST 2012


> Following advice from the Internet, I am using:
> read_hash(\%whitelist_sender, '/etc/amavisd/whitelist_domains');
> read_hash(\%blacklist_sender, '/etc/amavisd/blacklist');
> Are these constructs supported in 2.8.0 too? I have seen no errors in
> the logs (with v2.8.0) but please let me know.

Yes, still supported, no changes there.

> I have noticed the read_hash construct is not included in
> amavisd.conf-default, which is available in the 2.8.0 tarball, although
> this file is supposed to contain "ALL CONFIGURATION VARIABLES".

Because it is not a variable, it is a subroutine.

> So, are there some configuration options available but not documented in
> amavisd.conf-default? Are there more of them, and is there a place where
> we can find related info?

I believe they are all listed in amavisd.conf-default.

Search for 'package Amavis::Conf' in file amavisd
for the ultimate authority.


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