Viagra spam mail autolearned as ham, tagged score -1.64

matt matt at
Thu Oct 18 19:06:39 CEST 2012

Hello all.

I just received a 'male enhancement pharmacy' type spam email that amavisd-new (v2.6.6) 
assigned a score of (-1.64).  It is possibly the best designed html spam I've seen, and I 
don't see how Spamassassin could have ever found it.

Considering that Viagra type spam is probably the most prolific and obvious, I find it 
alarming that such a mail could sail through the filters (not to mention be autolearned as 
ham!) in this day and age.

I wish to submit this mail to the list for study, but I'm not sure if that's appropriate 
for this list or if there exists some sort of established "send us your spam mail" outfit 
from Symantec or something like that.

But if anyone would care to see, I uploaded the intact .eml message as saved by 
Thunderbird to my site at

Is using 'sa-learn --spam' on this messsage all that's required to "unautolearn it" as ham?

Thanks and best regards

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