Quarantine id

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at Tomassoni.biz
Wed Nov 21 23:19:06 CET 2012

> > yeah ,what i mean, somebody may adapt this features  direct in the
> > amavis framework for better handling
> Two reasons why I prefer OpenDKIM for DKIM stuff:
> think about a distributed environment. You may run milters not always
> on the same machine. And second I prefer OpenDKIM, as I can do the
> whole Key management in a LDAP database.
> -Christian Rößner

Christian, I understand your purposes, but isn't your way going to be a bit
too complex to even be clean?

I believe Robert is suggesting to embed the DKIM reputation handling in a
SpamAssassin plugin, which is probably a cleaner solution.

Such a SpamAssassin plugin could inspect reputation from and even handle
reporting/revoking spam to a suitable LDAP db.

These are just my thoughts, huh. Options are really open in handling mail.


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