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Wed May 23 18:13:24 CEST 2012

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> Den 2012-05-23 14:43, Steve skrev:
> > This is not much but if I look at my two inbound servers than this is
> > still multiple times more than what I get with DSPAM (my MX1 uses
> > around 4 times less memory and my MX2 uses around 9 times less memory
> > for anti-spam filtering).
> same reason i think of dropping spamassassin in fav of dspam, but 
> dropping more plugins in spamassassin so only bayes is enabled is imho 
> as effitive as dspam only, if its trained as dspam
Well... I think we should not go into discussion about that but IMHO good written C code usually beats good written Perl code.

> > Have you considered using something less memory und CPU hungry than
> > SA? Not that I want you to move to DSPAM or so. I am just asking. If
> > you know SA well then maybe something like rspamd could be useful to
> > you? On my test system rspamd takes around 4MB per instance.
> yes only thing that holds me back is to get dkim signer working, when i 
> have there is nothing holding me back to drop amavisd,
OpenDKIM is ultra easy to setup.

> when i loosed 
> mailzu there was not much point in keeping amavisd, but i keeped it for 
> the dkim signer, think its easyst to move from amavisd to amavisd-signer 
> for sasl auth users, and then just postfix smtp to dspam and dspam to 
> dovecot via postfix queue
> that makes users happy here with dovecot-antispam and sieve, all in 
> all, high performance and still lowmem
That's how it should be :)
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