2.8 new install, not binding to additional ports

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Wed May 23 16:31:33 CEST 2012

> You have to make up your mind to either go with the Debian/Ubuntu
> style of multiple amavisd config files, their schema of configuring, and
> their systemwide default overrides for amavisd, or go with the plain
> vanilla amavisd installation with a single config file.

> Without a patch, or with explicitly specifying a config file
> on a command line with option -c, you bypass their mechanism of running
> through multiple config files, so whatever is there and is important (like
> specifying a more suitable location for a pid file) needs to go into your
> config file.

many thanks, I misunderstood it, i shouldn't have applied patch

yes, I'd rather go plain vanilla single config

I also forgot to make directories /var/amavis/tmp, db & var

I'm now binding to three ports, but, still having probs with pid:

where do I need to put pid, ?

May 24 00:16:18.453  ./amavisd[12856]: SpamControl: init_pre_chroot on
SpamAssassin done
May 24 00:16:18.453 ./amavisd[12856]: bind to
May 24 00:16:18.454 ./amavisd[12856]: (!)Net::Server: 2012/05/24-00:16:18
Couldn't open pid file "/var/amavis/amavisd.pid" [13].\n\n  at line 318 in
file /usr/share/perl5/Net/Server.pm
May 24 00:16:18.454 ./amavisd[12856]: Net::Server: 2012/05/24-00:16:18
Server closing!

I've tried uncommenting in /etc/amavisd.conf these two, but got similar error
# $lock_file = "$MYHOME/var/amavisd.lock";  # -L
# $pid_file  = "$MYHOME/var/amavisd.pid";   # -P

where do I need to put them ?

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