Disable Spam Checks on Outbound Email

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Tue May 22 03:06:48 CEST 2012

Seems I'm finding all sorts of answers to this Googling it, so figured 
I'd ask here. My systems are virtual hosting environments. Many times 
one of our users will land on a 'dirty' IP address where someone sent 
spam a day or two before and so they are suddenly on a blacklist or few.

I am running CentOS, Postfix, Dovecot and Amavisd-new. I have a typical 
Postfix virtual file and virtual.db. These list email address and 
user... typical. So, I'm wondering if I simply direct 
@bypass_spam_checks_maps to that file or maybe there is some other 
wildcard for any authed smtp user so I stop the filtering on outbound? 
Or is there any other good (aka simple) method for this? Some were even 
opening additional ports which seems a long way around to the solution.


John Hinton
877-777-1407 ext 502
Comprehensive Online Solutions

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