@banned_files_lovers_maps problem

Marko Weber weber at zackbummfertig.de
Wed May 2 18:35:00 CEST 2012

hello amavis list,

i set in my amavisd.conf

@banned_files_lovers_maps = ( ['user at domainn.tld', ], );

for passing banned extensions thru for a specified user.

When i send a .exe to this user i get this in logs:

May  2 18:27:33 mail amavis[13374]: (13374-01) Passed BANNED 
{RelayedTaggedInbound,Quarantined}, []:63254 
[87.193.xxx.xxx] <user at senderdomainn.tld> -> <user at recipientdomain.tld>, 
quarantine: banned-3-tmykEgXrUL, Queue-ID: 0CE6010D5C6, Message-ID: 
<FCF252A7F096184CA57D66CD2289286C701CC5B0 at senderdomain.bla.local>, 
mail_id: 3-tmykEgXrUL, Hits: -, size: 669221, queued_as: CD62375171, 234 

I get the mail in webmailer, but without the .exe in it.

The .exe get stored in /var/amavis/qurantine/

So, i tried to release it with amavisd-release

amavisd-release banned-3-tmykEgXrUL , results in :

250 2.5.0 No recipients, nothing to do

In Log i found this:

May  2 18:30:52 mail amavis[13377]: (rel-3-tmykEgXrUL) Quarantined 
message release (miscategorized): 3-tmykEgXrUL <sender at domainn.tld> -> , 
(excluded: <user at domainn.tld> )

I dont get it why, <user at domainn.tld>  get exluded,
i put this mail-adress into "banned_files_lover_maps"  < 
@banned_files_lovers_maps = ( ['user at domainn.tld', ], ); >

any ideas why?

any help would be great.

thank you.


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