Local recipients question

Antoine Nguyen tonio at ngyn.org
Sat Jun 30 19:31:24 CEST 2012

Le 29/06/2012 17:32, Mark Martinec a écrit :
> Antoine,
>> I'm currently working on a new amavis frontend (that will be part of
>> http://modoboa.org/).
>> I'm trying to correclty fill the *users* table to let amavis know which
>> recipient can be considered local or not. My basic idea was to create a
>> record for each mailbox defined into Modoboa but I forgot to consider
>> aliases and distribution lists.
>> I think creating a record for each recipient can quickly become a mess
>> (huge table and co.) but I also think creating only one global record
>> for each domain can be *dangerous*.
>> What's the best choice? Do you know another way to achieve that?
>> Thanks in advance.
> As far as amvisd is concerned, knowing which domains are local
> suffices. Individual users may be listed in @local_domains_maps
> (e.g. in an SQL database table 'users' or in LDAP or statically),
> but this is not necessary. It is probably best to list all
> local domains in table 'users'. If individual users need specific
> settings, these can be listed individually, in addition
> to domain-only entries. An SQL lookup first tries to find an
> entry with a full recipient address, but if there is none,
> the search continues with looking for a domain or subdomain.
> See README.lookups, section 'SQL LOOKUPS'.
> If aliases fall within the same set of domains, the above
> should suffice.
>    Mark
Thanks for this reply. Creating an entry only for each domain will be 
easier to maintain.

Antoine Nguyen
Modoboa developer

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