Amavis and Clam scanning nested virus emails

Richard Young Richard.Young at
Tue Jul 10 05:24:33 CEST 2012

In the setup of amavisd and clamav I am running it finds and marks the sample-virus-simple.txt as a virus. However, it doesn't pickup and mark the sample-virus-nested.txt test message as containing a virus. In the standard setup of amavisd and clamav is it suppose to pickup and mark nested virus emails?, I would have thought is should. The version I am using are Amavisd 2.7.2 and Clamav

When the logging verbose is turned up it shows the email is being unpacked into its individual parts but it seems only the whole email is being scanned not the individual parts. Is there an option to set or a setup that will make amavisd and clamav pickup nested virus emails?

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